Wednesday, 27 March 2013

before daylight went ....

by Simone McPherson

I’m sitting here at the kitchen table in between getting lunch out before we go out and start to lift out an old fence line. 

It has been a busy few days, there never seems to be a day, of not doing much? We had the last of the Cows from one of the back paddocks go out without their Bub-bas … and then we had the Fencer in ….. 
“B” the fencer and his family, as well as his two loyal companions, came out for three days or so to get a boundary fence done and to help El Ranchero out with some Posts for another fence line ....

....... that we are tackling at the moment, to make it easier to muster out a paddock called Cobbs, as well as some work in the yards.


Well “B” seems to think that the Posts and the Braces are more of a “Sculptural Statement” than actual posts and braces for a fence line!  El Ranchero just laughs and says “Mmm … really do you think so “B” …… with a wink!

I woke up the other morning to my “Rosehip and Ginger” tea – well it is more of an infusion – It’s lovely first thing up in the morning …. And a beautiful card … my; another year has gone by …….

The day was spent in reflection of … how far I had come and things that had unfolded in my life to this point – and I felt Good – there are always going to be “happenings” in your life that you may look back on and say … “I would have done that differently, now knowing …..?”  Do you know something? I think that’s ok.  It’s ok to be aware of it and to realise that you did the best you could at that time with the life skills that you had for that period in your life, and to continue to become a better person to yourself and to others that cross your path in your life …….

So the next day the boys had a few more posts to do and I had a lot of “Girls” stuff that I had to do in the house … yes I am a bit of a “Home body” I’m afraid, but I love it!

The morning had started out very humid, which is unusual for this part of the world.  And then it started to turn Black, really Black ……

The north side of the house was clear with lovely big puffy clouds, while the south side where the boys were working turned Dark … I could hear thunder and as I went outside I could see lightning strikes in the south.

When El Ranchero came in he was soaked, but he just got a change of clothes and back out he went to finish the yards with “B” before the daylight went ……

........ and then the next morning was just glorious! and off we went again ....