Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cyclone "Rusty"

Ah! been a bit busy with all that wonderful rain! ...... the other morning as I awoke all I could hear was torrents of water gushing down the gullies. 

My God! the sound was incredible, but the sight was even more spectacular.  There goes all our electric fencing and our Solar panels along the creeks and the gullies, and the cattle too - I don't think that they intentionally want to escape? they just have fun in the rain ......

............  Usually this is what that crossing looks like - little bit of difference there? 

I know that Lilly-Poo and Maxi Boy definately have fun in all that rain water! 
And as you can see ..... some things were all washed away!  Hey, we're not complaining we love rain in this "Traprock" country.  From what I can gather - it was made ions ago - sedimentary rock so as you can imagine it is as hard as hard - when it turns wet it becomes very slushy in area's then sets like concrete! - great stuff if you are a blade of grass trying to set down your roots? - well not really!

........ So we have been fixing up fence lines and reinforcing other areas of the paddocks that have become pressure points were the cattle are concerned - had a few areas where the electric fencing was shorting out - like big time because of the earthing - exciting for all close by - though you would not want to get zapped - usually we are running 9,000 Kva's from our Solar panels - we are not on the Grid out here, no phone lines, no water exept from the heavens - we have four tanks each holding 5,500 gallons and that is our house water, for a region that has an average rainfall of 26 inches? - so if you were to receive a boot from that "short" in the fence line you would know about it! it would send you flying - no fun! I can assure you .......
Well I had better go .... been summonsed - as the offsider! Mmmm ...... by Simone McPherson