Friday, 1 March 2013

Now or Never

 Today we have had some wonderful rain - finally.  And today, I have a day off! so I decided that it was now or never - things happen and life happens and then it's all gone.  It's like planting a a little tree, if you keep putting it of the tree will never get to be a lovely big shady tree full of birds and other creatures sharing in it's abundance. 

..................... So I have had time to attempt this "Blog" that I have been wanting to do since - well, ages!  This is a memoir of a few words, some photographs, some sketches and lot's of laughter of our life here in the Australian bush, where we live and drove cattle - "el ranchero" and I.
El ranchero has a love and a passion for the Andalusian horse and the way that the Spaniards work their horses with their stock, and incorporates this into our working of our own cattle, hence his nickname - "El Ranchero".  I on the other hand have a love and passion of the natural world, painting, drawing, taking photographic recollections of the landscape where we live, and I am the "Ranchero's" offsider - apprentice? of sorts and this is our little story.  

I hope that you find our escapades interesting, and funny too! as the old story goes ..... of working with - "animals and children" - well it certainly applies here.  Would love to hear from you and any feedback that you may have.  I will slowly introduce everyone but for now it is - el Ranchero and I, the Rosella's and the Lorikeets! .........

The girls in Top 14
And here we have some of the "Girls" that lead us all over the countryside - but they are really good girls ....... and that was only taken three days ago, just before all this wonderful rain ....... Yiipppeeee!