Sunday, 30 June 2013

.... there waiting to unfold

by Simone McPherson
June has come and gone and honestly I really have no idea where all the days have disappeared to? 

Let me see, we had all that wonderful rain ....

 ......and then there was some more rain and still some more rain and even more great rain ….

…….then some rather cold and very overcast icy days …. That I spent inside making soups for the freezer …… 

......I made some lovely Brocolli, some Pumpkin and a Cauliflower Soup though we have gone through them all now El Ranchero had a wisdom tooth out – poor darling – he spent five days in bed! So he has also been on lots and lots of scrambled eggs and ......

.....lots of that wonderful 'Healer' Garlic!

It’s an amazing thing!  That by removing a wisdom tooth, of how it can completely knock down a strong and active man in his middle fifties!  Good thing I had all mine out when I was in my teens ….. phew!
……. I spent other wet days walking the fence lines .....

......clearing the line of suckers that have come up after the dozing.... that there is an area that is unobstructed along the fence lines while El Ranchero has been busy on his chainsaw cutting back the Cypress trees ….

 …….. and there were the fence lines that were rechecked ……
just as well as we found that Mr Kangaroo – on his way over one of the fences had managed to clip it as he was making the other side.....

 .....then there was another section were the Bulls had, had a bit of a disagreement with one another and pushed the whole line over …..

…… so a few adjustments had to be made.

We mustered 200 tiny Weannies and then ...

...drafted off 97 of those tiny Weannies steers that were sold

 ....and picked up by Miss ‘A’ in her Semi-trailer and driven up to Pittsworth a good three and half hours away, to spend the rest of their lives living on a beautiful field ‘Oats’ how lucky were they?

Of course there were a few days of ‘sunshine’ that we spent every second in, enjoying all that wonderful ‘sunshine’ …….

 We checked the ‘girls’ up in one of our back paddocks to see how they all were going and they seemed fine enjoying their ration of ‘Copra’ that we feed them along with other vitamins and minerals at this time of year …… 

…. Lily pup in particular loves to visit the cattle camps .... she said “there is always plenty of beautiful perfume to roll in.....

......hard ones, soft ones and even runny ones just lovely”!

I have even noticed whilst on one of our checks around the property that the Wattles are getting closer to flowering, not long now …. 

And that is where June has gone, gee and now as I open the door I can see July there waiting to unfold …………….  

Sunday, 16 June 2013

just as well ..

by Simone McPherson
There have been ‘Pretty Face’ wallabies ……

 …….at our front windows picking the best of the new grasses
…….. that are growing close to the house where there is more moisture gathered from the runoff from the concrete. They are very timid and shy creatures.

The mornings have been heavy with dew – I did an experiment one evening and left an empty bucket at one of the unattached down pipes to see what I could collect and on some mornings I have been amazed with the amount of water that I have collected from run off from our roof top – that is overnight I might just add - staggering.

We have also had a visit from a juvenile Wedge Tail Eagle, which was a wonderful sight the other day – a lot of the Wedge Tail Eagles have vanished from this district from the early days of sheep grazing – the Eagles were eradicated by the Graziers, the eagles took their lambs – so they tell me?

We are well and truly rugging up now as the weather gets into full swing.

El Ranchero even had to invest in some ‘Freezer’ gloves and one of my scarfs! Cute! for our ‘al fresco’ driving.

And Porky Girl of late has been coming in with her mane, forelock, and tail full of ‘Bathurst Burrs’ – Xanthium spinosum - they are a terrible weed

 – left over from the days of the old ‘Sheep Camps’, very sticky small oval shaped seed - 

covered in these sharp little spikes that hurt when you attempt to pull them out – comb them out or just plain ‘tear’ them out.   

I have no idea where she is getting her little ‘stash’ from as I have combed the paddock with a shovel digging the little ‘nasties’ out!  When removing the burrs from parts of the horses that they have attached themselves too, I usually cover the burrs in a product that we use on the horses to untangle their tails and manes – it’s mainly made up of coconut oil - such a wonderful and amazing Palm tree.

We have also had some ‘major’ shorts happening with the electric fence ...’s been those little tiny Weannies – the little blighters!  Some have challenged the fence lines and attempted to push their way through – before realising – “Ouch”, ah! it's all about 'Education', so El Ranchero tells me?

So El Ranchero has been doing a bit of ‘repairs and maintenance’ on the lines – 

though we always ‘double check’ – that the power is absolutely “OFF” ……

………as it is no fun having a ‘Shock-ko’ that’s for sure – 10,000VOLTS with 75 Jules – 

........not forgetting that the cattle do have a different nervous system to us and they do not feel the VOLTS as we would.  God! just as well …….

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stir's your heart ...

by Simone McPherson 
You know, that when your week starts with the sound of the angle grinder grinding away on the Land rover along with a lot of foreign language that your week is going to be an interesting one to say the least.  

Well that is how our week started, El Ranchero having a conversation with the Land rover and then that sound of the angle grinder, screaming away as it started cutting through metal underneath the Land rover.  There were orange flames streaming out like a fountain as the angle grinder cut into the Land rover.  Then a few minutes later El Ranchero appears in the kitchen proudly holding the trophies that he has severed from the Land rover.  

I being the inquisitive type, inquire – “are those important parts for the operation of the vehicle?” – El Ranchero just gave me that look, you know the one – “women; what do they know".

I get that ‘look’ from Pedro at times when I tell him of how beautiful and handsome he is – “well of course I am – how is it you do not know this? I am Andalusian?” – That is when he talks to me in Spanish and gives me that ‘look’.
And I also get that ‘look’ from Porky girl when I tell her that, “there are, - NO MONSTERS - hiding in the bushes” – when we go out mustering …. It’s that same look – “what do you know?”


The dogs on the other hand have a completely different ‘look’ – it’s more of a look that says “well common, do it! – I can do it! Just ask me to, come on! Come on!” – ‘look’.

The other day we awoke to a cloud resting in the paddock which was a lovely sight. 

We are still spending the days moving the Tiny Weannies around – El Ranchero tells me that all this moving about is all about educating them, so that they are easier to handle.

You see Tiny Weannies are very unpredictable, impulsive, reckless and erratic to say the least, to some of the things they do and get up to.  

It’s like following the leader – though in this case the leader has no idea not a clue to where it is ‘he’ is heading - then in turn this leader is followed by this mass of Weannies all rushing forward in one huge group and on these occasions they just run and run and run and run!

On another note we did make the Art Exhibition in the Woolshed – though we did not get there til after 14:30 in the afternoon .......

  ..... as we had stock work all morning.  

The day was very overcast and cold, wanting to rain, though it held off which was a good thing - I would imagine for the exhibitors and to the many visitors who had driven all the way out there to enjoy the day. 

They received just over 900 people which was a great turn out.  The Textile Exhibitors had beautiful examples of their work along with the woodworkers - though this year the local painting/drawing exhibits of the ‘District’ were sadly lacking and virtually non-existent.  And unfortunately the volunteers were not given enough guidance into the procedure of hanging the pieces of art work, my canvases were virtually at floor level all jammed up in a dark corner, though I must say that the old woolshed does not have a lot of natural light – never mind perhaps next time they will have some help with a co-ordinator.  
We lashed out on a ‘Hot Chocolate’ each which was absolutely delicious, as they had run out of the Mulled Wine, listened to the last few repertoires that the musicians played and said ‘Hello’ to a few people that we knew, talked with the textile and the wood crafts people before I packed up my paintings – 

 ...... and off we went back home again. 

My paintings have found new homes – I made a few phone calls and sold my canvases myself, so that now they can bring pleasure to others which is what ‘Art’ is all about, really.  

It’s about how the art work makes you feel, you being the beholder.  Of how it brings you joy and happiness knowing that, that piece of art work may inspire you in your everyday life with the colours, the lines, the textures and even the brushstrokes of an image that stirs your heart, your very being.