Sunday, 16 June 2013

just as well ..

by Simone McPherson
There have been ‘Pretty Face’ wallabies ……

 …….at our front windows picking the best of the new grasses
…….. that are growing close to the house where there is more moisture gathered from the runoff from the concrete. They are very timid and shy creatures.

The mornings have been heavy with dew – I did an experiment one evening and left an empty bucket at one of the unattached down pipes to see what I could collect and on some mornings I have been amazed with the amount of water that I have collected from run off from our roof top – that is overnight I might just add - staggering.

We have also had a visit from a juvenile Wedge Tail Eagle, which was a wonderful sight the other day – a lot of the Wedge Tail Eagles have vanished from this district from the early days of sheep grazing – the Eagles were eradicated by the Graziers, the eagles took their lambs – so they tell me?

We are well and truly rugging up now as the weather gets into full swing.

El Ranchero even had to invest in some ‘Freezer’ gloves and one of my scarfs! Cute! for our ‘al fresco’ driving.

And Porky Girl of late has been coming in with her mane, forelock, and tail full of ‘Bathurst Burrs’ – Xanthium spinosum - they are a terrible weed

 – left over from the days of the old ‘Sheep Camps’, very sticky small oval shaped seed - 

covered in these sharp little spikes that hurt when you attempt to pull them out – comb them out or just plain ‘tear’ them out.   

I have no idea where she is getting her little ‘stash’ from as I have combed the paddock with a shovel digging the little ‘nasties’ out!  When removing the burrs from parts of the horses that they have attached themselves too, I usually cover the burrs in a product that we use on the horses to untangle their tails and manes – it’s mainly made up of coconut oil - such a wonderful and amazing Palm tree.

We have also had some ‘major’ shorts happening with the electric fence ...’s been those little tiny Weannies – the little blighters!  Some have challenged the fence lines and attempted to push their way through – before realising – “Ouch”, ah! it's all about 'Education', so El Ranchero tells me?

So El Ranchero has been doing a bit of ‘repairs and maintenance’ on the lines – 

though we always ‘double check’ – that the power is absolutely “OFF” ……

………as it is no fun having a ‘Shock-ko’ that’s for sure – 10,000VOLTS with 75 Jules – 

........not forgetting that the cattle do have a different nervous system to us and they do not feel the VOLTS as we would.  God! just as well …….