Tuesday, 17 September 2013

of all the wonderful things ....

by Simone McPherson
 Time is a thought-provoking concept the way that it just seems to melt away.  I’m not truthfully sure as to where Time exactly disappears too?  Over a month ago I had sat down to post my next – ‘a day in the life of living on this land’.  

Only to have another “tooth” problem, raise its ugly head – well in my case it was the most excruciating pain I had ever entailed.  One moment I was fine the next – OMG – is all I could say! – Apparently an exposed root.  A day later and after self-prescribing whatever we had in the Bathroom cabinet – not much I must say.  I was at the Dentist.

Now I will confess that I am “Terrified” of that man – well, I have never come across a woman Dentist – yes, that man with the White Coat.  I had not been to the Dentist; I am ashamed to say for at least 10 years!  Yes, that is right!  And the silly thing is that I had been scrupulously obsessive with the care of my teeth seeing ‘My’ Dentist regularly – he was a Children’s Dentist you see, I was his only ‘Adult’ patient what a sook, he was just wonderful. 

Then I got transferred in my job, I did search for another Dentist and I did go to a number of other Dentists in pursuit of “that Dentist” who could treat an adults ‘Horror’ of Dentists.  But I came up empty handed.  Now though, I had to put my ‘fear’ aside as the ‘pain’ was beyond anything I had ever endured.  Yes I did survive our ‘wonderful’ local Dentist – the mind is a powerful thing how it can just make you run with a thought or a memory!

Chronic Gum Disease was his diagnosis?  OMG – was all I could say, after all these years and all this time.  Why do they use the word – ‘Chronic’? Well, to my amazement this disease ‘Kills’ people and it is not diagnosed until it is too late as it is a silent and quiet mover.  In other words you don’t feel the pain until it is in its last throws of its life – eating away at your gums and in its wake destroying the bone in your gums that hold your teeth in, making them all loose!  Yep! That is what has happened to me; I thought I was being hormonal? With my teeth being loose and all that – but there was a ‘darker’ phenomenon happening.

So to date I have had two wisdom teeth out and one molar.  Great fun and yes I am slowly getting on top of things, and even better news I won’t be losing all my teeth, thank goodness.  I was terrified of not having any teeth, as having fixed dentures was out of the question due to all the damage to my gums – being the bone. 

Working and so forth with El Ranchero has not changed I am left behind and given chores to do around the house.  It is amazing how the removal of a tooth can lay you up.  

 And talking about laying you up as I write this post – El Ranchero is flat on his back on the concrete floor, yep he’s slipped a disk in his back – a reoccurring ailment and he is completely paralysed – poor darling this is the third day, so between us both Mmmm ……. getting older?

On a brighter note – after walking miles and miles over steep hills and even steeper ravines and gullies to ...

..... access water and to ....

.....map where a decent fence line can be put through this hard rugged country without the use of a Dozer ...

 .....we have finally made another two holding paddocks; we have started to upgrade our main Entrance to the House paddock as it was a bit of a mess. 

We have started breaking in ‘Luigi’ a very handsome colt with his father being a beautiful Andalusian Stallion and his mother ......
.....is one of our Mares who is a Palomino Quarter Horse – Lacey-Lou.  

We have drafted and sold Weaners.  We have brought in three paddocks and drenched and drafted cows before they start to calve.  Lily has turned two and Maxi the black dog is becoming old – very quickly, and so is Porky Girl. 

We have also had three lots of Visitors come stay which has been wonderful.  I have started to plant out my little garden with Salad Greens for summer with beautiful soil that I collected one day while down at the Creek checking the creek crossings with El Ranchero.  
I have also added lots and lots of Basil and Italian parsley for all the batches of Pesto that both El Ranchero and I have started to dream about now that the days are getting longer and warmer.  

And some very exciting news we had a neighbour come over with his Tractor to help El Ranchero move a posthole digger and .....

 .......while he was here he dug me Tree holes through rock to plant three lemon trees!  Not only that our last lot of visitors Frank and Jenny helped with digging out the holes.  Watching El Ranchero on the crowbar chipping away at the rocky hard ground with Frank - I can hardly wait! 

 I am already dreaming of all the wonderful things I can do with Lemons apart from having one in our Gin and Tonics at the end of the day …….. “Cheers” ……