Sunday, 21 February 2016

.... I was astounded ...

by Simone McPherson
On that late afternoon back on the first day of November 2015 as we were out on a leisurely muster I took a fall on my horse, Blondie.

El Ranchero tells me that the fall I took was not a bad one just a slow motion one with Blondie tripping and going down backwards, then springing up to her feet again.  I would have been lucky to have had a ‘tap’ on my head and Blondie was up and on her feet so quickly; and as El Ranchero tells me ‘concerned as to how I was’ … though it becomes clear a little further down the track what the actual catalyst was, which a year later almost to the date caused me to have a seizure that particular day.

When El Ranchero returned to me after galloping of home on Rocky to get help, he endeavoured to clean me up a little and dress me in clean clothing as I lay on the ground incoherent and unaware of what had actually happened to me. Though I am told that I kept asking El Ranchero if I had ‘Bad Breath’? 

Now, this is something, I am later to find out that our bodies do when we have had Trauma  they organise the mind so that it can manage the shock while the functions of the body go into shut down as our body attempts to keep us alive.
Whilst at the house El Ranchero had rung a neighbour of ours who was familiar with the lay of the land and knew exactly where we were, as he needed to eventually guide the Ambulance through the bush to get to us.   The Ambulance was based in a small town 38kms away.

I have no recollection of the Ambulance arriving at dusk along with the neighbour.  Now I ofcourse was asking all who were there as to whether I had ‘bad breath’?  The Paramedics then set to work cutting my clothing off, connecting me to machines that took account of my vital statistics putting me in a neck-brace and onto a stretcher then into the 4WD Ambulance along with El Ranchero. 

Our neighbour took care of the horses unsaddling them there in the paddock and letting them go.  He took the saddles, blankets and bridles along with the dogs back to the house, then he set of to follow the Ambulance and to give El Ranchero a little support in the ordeal that was unfolding before him.

I have no memory of stopping along the way three times as the Paramedics worked on me on route to the little country Hospital.  Of arriving at the little country Hospital and being monitored for a couple of hours before the Doctor on duty decided to call in the Care Helicopter to have me air lifted to Brisbane over four hours away by road.

 I am told by El Ranchero that at around one in the morning I was air lifted to Brisbane by Emergency Services in a Helicopter that landed at the country Hospital’s little car park to take me to the Royal Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. 

At around 10am the next day the 2nd of November 2015 I awoke in what seemed like a busy Hospital ward I asked the nurse where I was, she promptly told me that I was in a Hospital.  I thought about this for a moment and asked her “what Hospital am I in?” She told me that I was in Brisbane at the R.P.A … I was astounded … to be continued …

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

..... no recollection ....

by Simone McPherson
On a beautiful late afternoon, of which I have no memory of on the first day of November 2015 El Ranchero and I were on a late afternoon muster.

Just a short muster to a paddock close to the Homestead no more than two or three kms away along with the dogs Maxi and Lily pup …

 … Blondie Girl was playing up a bit nothing that I could not manage, she was on Heat and being a Mare they can become very emotional and a little giddy. We usually persevere with this time of the month, with a good bit of lunging before we go out to work which seems to quieten her mind a little, ordinarily she is a well behaved Mare.

Truthfully I must confess to you that I have absolutely no recollection of this afternoon at all, nor that day or even the last day in October 2015 which was the day before the first day of November in 2015.

I have no memory of Blondie playing up, of El Ranchero dismounting Rocky Boy to give her some exercises shoulder in and so forth to get her attention back to me/us, which we have done many times in the past.

I have no recollection of her suddenly running backwards, tripping and going down with me on her back and rolling to her right with me underneath.  I am told Blondie got to her feet strait away, my breakaway stirrups did their job and broke letting my left foot out.

I have no memory of crawling on my hands and knees with El Ranchero asking me how I was feeling.  Apparently I was angry and confused?  I don’t remember throwing my helmet off, then telling El Ranchero that I did not feel so good and that I could not stand up.

Of not knowing where I was or of what had happened to me and of becoming slurry with my speech.  I have no memory of El Ranchero sitting with me talking to me, reassuring me that he was there, for an hour or so. 

 I have no memory of El Ranchero removing all my clothing as my body started to shut down expelling everything as I went into a seizure and El Ranchero putting me on my side and reassuring me through that time that he was there.
Once the seizure started to pass after 5minutes or so he told Maxi the Black Dog to virtually sit on me so that I could feel another heartbeat.  

El Ranchero mounted Rocky and galloped back to the homestead to ring a neighbour for help.  I have absolutely no recollection of any of the events, to this day.  And the thing is that it was not a bad fall at all … to be continued

Sunday, 14 February 2016

.... that beautiful November afternoon

by Simone McPherson
On a late November afternoon back in 2015, El Ranchero and I were on a muster with the horses, Maxi and Lily pup to  ...

 ... one of the paddocks close to the Homestead.

The afternoon was like any other afternoon, cool and balmy after a beautiful, though a little hot day. 

 It was a Sunday and the first day of November. 

Unbeknown to the both of us it would be an afternoon that would change our lives for ever.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be going through by way of images and a little dialogue, with you of the ...

 ... event that so altered our lives and made us review the priorities in our own lives and the realisation of just how short our lives on this beautiful Blue Planet really are.

I do hope that you are able to join me on my reflections over the next few weeks of that incident on that beautiful November afternoon.  God Bless.