Sunday, 13 March 2016

... giving my days an extra skip ...

by Simone McPherson
 With my new and unhurried pleasure that I have found in the understanding of; and doing of; things I have discovered Audio Books and my imagery and words have begun to slowly return, though I now view the world a little differently.  I did ask the Therapist one day if I would discover a hidden talent. 

 Like being able to do Sudoku, or of becoming dazzling at crosswords or what about being able to play a musical instrument?  She said “were you before your fall?”  No, I said sadly, “Well I don’t really think there will be any changes lets concentrate on what used to bring you pleasure?”  I thought for quite a long while, as I did back then.  Then the word ‘Drawing’ came to mind.  “Well let’s concentrate on that" she said.

It would be over two months before I would pick up a pencil to start drawing.  Doing the Accounts and Ledgers and using the Computer was a major brain gridlock as it was all too overwhelming for me.  I just had to watch as our mail banked up as there was nothing I could do, El Ranchero did as much as he could though he was pretty limited where the computer was concerned he could turn it on and look at his cattle, gun and horse sites and that was about it.  

 However I did enjoy sewing and mending. I discovered that I could read a book in front of the television and not hear one single word from that television, “amazing” I thought.  And I did enjoy having a routine and procedure to things, in-fact I cannot manage the day now without a routine, which are broken up into a lot of little breaks.

I no longer join El Ranchero with the heavy work and over the last four months or so El Ranchero has done some major changes around the property too, as I do believe it was a bit of a wakeup call for him as well. 

“We are not getting any younger and we need ease of management”, he said to me one afternoon on the veranda as we shared a cup of afternoon tea together.

Rocky has turned out to be a gem and El Ranchero and he have connected way beyond our wildest dreams.  He is such a wonderfully strong horse and he has a very stable and quiet mind, able to put up with El Ranchero's ranting, raving and his singing.  Though he is eager to learn and to work which is what you want in a working horse in this hard country, though at times he can become ‘pig headed’ and even ‘cunning’ as some of us humans can be too, however there is nothing unkind in his temperament.

Of course I still have my wonderful relationship with the horses and I can now go amongst them, grooming, saddling, unsaddling and letting them re-discover me with their own intimacy which is so lovely to experience as an omnivore a human being, with such a large and powerful herbivore.  

And to make things even more pleasurable we have a new addition to the herd, this image is of the day she was born, already up and on her feet, though a little shaky.   

It would be quite a while before Porky Girl would let us any were near her new baby she is such a wonderful mother at 19 horse years of age.

Then about a month or so later she just appeared at the house one morning to show off her beautiful baby … Dominga.  Dominga was born on Sunday and being a little filly I just changed the ‘o’ for an ‘a’ at the end of the word to keep her in line with her ‘Spanish Horse’ ancestry.   

… Dominga even has a little love heart on her forehead … see how long that will stay there?

 Luigi, is Dominga's father

Another strong and beautiful Spanish horse that was born on the property nearly five years ago now, although he is still not broken in, he has been handled with ropes and he has had a saddle on him in the yards, he too has a lovely temperament so far … fingers crossed …

… nevertheless we will get there soon and we are rather excited to see how she ends up, she already loves to gallop everywhere and has no fear with lots of curiosity and interest in things which is just how you want them to be.

And just before I sign off, I would dearly like to thank all my wonderful readers for all your thoughtful words of good-cheer over this time, I graciously thank you all, your thoughts are with me and at present they are giving my days an extra skip.  I too look forward to catching up with all your news too now that I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, bye for now.