Thursday, 22 February 2018

... in the Eastern Sky ...

by Simone McPherson
October 2017 brought some very welcome rain …

…that even my compost bin started sprouting with pumpkins as well as …

… all the beautiful Native Orchid which is an indicator of rain as they will start flowering a week before rain in the summer months.

October also introduced us to a Surveyor and his offsider who we employed as El Ranchero needed to move a number of land ‘Tittles’ around and this meeting proved to be such a learning curve for us both. 

We learnt a lot about our land and how it was surveyed many, many years ago; back in the 1830’s as he was able to date some markings that he found that were still visible, although severely weathered Surveyors marks.

The start of November 2017 brought us a downpour of over 780ml in less than an hour, and of-course this completely transformed the country. 

Flooding a lot of the creeks and …

… waterways, it is always a breathtaking sight to behold in this country with a marginal rain fall.

And amongst all that wonderful water Jackie-Jackie finally learnt to swim towards the end of the month.

December brought to us Bee Keepers who have been looking for Host Properties to host their hives while certain species of the Eucalyptus are flowering of which we are lucky enough to have a number of woodlands still standing providing bloosoms.

We introduced the Bee Keepers to our country and we are looking forward to hosting some hives when the time comes. 

And on the 10th of December 2017 we completed painting the Hacienda and my goodness what a wonderful feeling – although there is another coat for the front of the house the rest of the house is finished and each and every day it brings a big smile to my face as I now see the Homestead quietly sitting amongst the landscape, now we need to get the front veranda organised.

El Ranchero had also been spending most of November and December harvesting Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus for posts, line posts and strainers for 

the start of our new fence line of 3.8km to be started sometime in January 2018.

As we said goodbye to another Year and welcomed in the New Year 2018 we had the most incredible storms with not even a drop of rain, pass by as we all tried to cool off on the last day of 2017 in the house dam …

January 2018 started off with the Dozer driver coming in for a number of days to start on our 3.8km fence-line along the ‘Public’ dirt road that now runs along side our Property. 

With the visit from the Surveyors in October 2017 we now knew what we were looking for in relation to surveyors markings even though these were close to over a hundred years old - this one here was marked into the tree.  And to our delight we found all of them except maybe three markers which have been lost in time.

By the end of January 2018 we had all posts, strainers and line posts organized and the delivery of fencing material was on its way.

The Fencer and his offsider where booked in to start the new fence and can you believe we completely missed …

… the ‘Super moon, Blue Moon and the Lunar Eclipse as we had our first cloudy night for months! 

… and there where others who really where not too perturbed about missing the “once in a life time event …”

However that last day of January 2018 was just beautiful as the sun rose again in the Eastern Sky … as February was just around the corner …