Man's faithful companion, Max or Maxi boy - the black dog - as I call him.  El Ranchero on the other hand has numerous and very colourful adjectives that he uses to call him by, which I shall not go into here.  I'll leave that up to your imagination.  Well he came into his working life rather late, infact he was over five years old and with-out a clue as to what was to unfold before him.  The training of a cattle dog, who was it that said "..... old dogs cannot be taught new tricks" well ... Maxi boy sure did and in a hurry.

In the beginning it was rather comical if not - extremely frustrating - he had the skill's and the ability, but there was a language problem, a communication problem on El Ranchero's behalf I will addmit - his numerous colourful adjectives - Maxi did not have a clue what was needed of him and things became rather heated to say the least.  

Then ... when Maxi did start to understand - after numerous occasions when he would be rolled and occationally trodden on by the cattle - he did get the hang of nipping the cattle on the hocks, the next problem arose?  It was the one of letting go at an appropriate time - like - "Strait away!".   So then you'd see Maxi flying through the air - jet propelled and landing somewhere in the Mob to be trodden on and then charged upon again.  Maxi fondly remembers ..... "those were the good old days!"

Then one day, unbeknown to Maxi, this little, tiny, kitten sized, strange looking creature appeared from Clayton, the Wood Cutter.  Well Maxi was not happy at all.  This little thing not only got to stay inside, it was sleeping on his blanky too!  "She" - was supposed to be a Blue Dog? well - Houston we have a problem? - it's her size, what happened to her?! - "are you sure she has not been crossed with a Corggie?"  I asked Clayton one day - he looked at me strangely, but rather sheepishly too. 

And that was when Lillypilly joined our family - though these days she is known as Lily-Poo or Lily-bum depending on the occasion and uncle Maxi and Lily-Poo are inseperable partners in crime!  Lily has become Maxi's apprentice of sorts? And their story continues as working Cattle Dogs together.