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Hello there and thank you for stopping by, my name is Simona.

Welcome to my Blogspot

Rosellas and Lorikeets

Of which I named after all the wonderful bird life that inhabits this part of the world.

This blog is a collection of my adventures together with El Ranchero living and working in the Australian Bush. 

I initially started this blog back in 2013 and on November 1st 2015 whilst returning from a muster I suffered a bad fall from my Mare, resulting in being airlifted to Hospital which is located a good four hour’s drive from where we live.  I still have no memory of the day before my fall nor the day of my fall.  The journey back has been interesting after losing my short term memory, and having to relearn simple tasks and even words that we all take for granted in our everyday activities.

As you can imagine this little diversion in our lives has transformed the way in which we do things around the place as well as the way in which we interact with each other, others and the environment we live in.  I guess that although my initial vision and mission of Rosellas and Lorikeets has not changed, a number of things are a little different, as I am a subtly a different person to who I was, and I now see the world around me through changed eyes as well as a very different mind, which has been a wonderful learning curve in itself, not just for me but for El Ranchero as well as we are blessed to continue to walk down this path together.

We breed cattle for the Australian Beef Industry with between 300 and 200 breeders depending on the seasons, on around 5,000 acres - only a small venture in comparison to some of the "Stations" that operate here in Australia.

I love learning new things - I love being "Outdoors" - and I don't mind picking up a shovel and "having a go". 

I have a passion for Music; I think the Genre term is ‘world’, ‘lounge’ and ‘chill’ these days to name but a few.

I have a collection of old Mexican cookbooks in Spanish along with quite a number of other books on food writing and gastronomy.  I love Elizabeth David and her wonderful cookbooks; as well as Claudia Rodin - anything Middle Eastern and of late Eastern European with Silvana Rowe.  

I also have a love for William Morris and Margaret Olley, anything on the Alhambra, the Ottoman Period in history and Architecture of the Moors, Spain and that of Japan. 

I am intrigued to find out about the "Lost Gardens" of the world and the stories behind them.  I have a passion for plants and gardens and the peace that they bring to the soul.  

But really "Rosellas and Lorikeets" is about the fun and laughter that happens while working with the cattle, the dogs, the horses and the encounters we have with the Native animals that co-exist with us.  I am hoping that you too may find little bits and pieces of interest and others that bring a smile to your face, however most of all it is about "Living".

So pull up a comfy chair and grab your favourite cuppa while I take you on an adventure ....Oh! by the way I also would love to hear about your life's-journey too! So let's get going then.