Man’s best friend – well I can assure you that these creatures are indeed that and so much more as they work with us through the Hot summers and the Cold winters never complaining and enjoying their work, most of the time unless you had a Mare on Heat then it was another ‘Kettle of Fish’ as you wrestled the day along with each other.

 "......... Yeah sure I can ride" ... I think they were my famous last words as I hit the ground busting my shoulder after falling of Porky-girl, and let me tell you I am not too proud to say that I was over 48 years old at that time back in 2010.  I can now "Proudly" say that I can not only ride but I muster cattle with two cattle dogs and El Ranchero. 

However in 2013 our lives took a little bit of a detour, on the first day of November 2015 whilst returning from a muster I suffered a bad fall from my Mare, resulting in being airlifted to Hospital which is located a good four hour’s drive from where we live.  I still have no memory of the day before my fall or the day of my fall.  The journey back has been interesting after losing my short term memory, and having to relearn simple tasks and even words that we all take for granted in our everyday activities.

So since that day I am no longer Riding Horses, nevertheless I still have a wonderful relationship with them, feeding, grooming, watching El Ranchero as he exercises and teaches them new movements to assist them in moving across this very rugged and rough terrain that we live on.

Yes we still muster the cattle on Horseback for the simple reason that much of the country is inaccessible by vehicle, quad or bike and the country is too steep and rough for such vehicles.  So it is by Horse, however even then every precaution is taken to keep both rider and horse in safe hands.

 Initially we had over twelve horses, not all working and some were babies and not quite what we needed here for the Stock work that we do and the most special horse of all time was Gabby and she was the Children’s pony when they were all learning to ride and she is very much missed – 1989 – 2017 – by all though, 

... none the more than poor Pedro, she was his companion through thick and thin.

We are now down to seven, of which two have retired Pedro and Porky-girl ... 

... one is still a baby horse Dominga who ...

... is Porky-girls baby - here just 12 hours old!

Blondie, who may work here and there though she is kept more so for visiting horse riders ... 

... Rocky who is presently having a break from his Stock work being one of the working horses. 

Rusty at the time of this update in January of 2018 is 18 years old and one of El Ranchero’s very favourite rides, she has a huge heart and never, ever gives up. 

 And lastly there is Luigi who is part brother to Rocky having the same 

mother – Lacy-Lou - who has now retired to a beautiful home an hour’s - and that is little Luigi just a day old!

drive south of where we live.  Luigi’s father is a magnificent Andalusian stallion who has spent some of his life as a Jumper hence Luigi’s size and he is extremely affectionate and hate’s missing out.

He is also the Father of Dominga.  Phew I hope you got all that …. Anyway you will get to meet the crew and the naughty and delightful things they get up to as well.