I meet El Ranchero in 2009 and was hurtled into this wonderful landscape and this wonderful life together.  

 It was a steep learning curve for one who had spent all her past life in between running Restaurants with functions, organising wedding events and then there was the staff members, tending to customers and their needs.  I also painted and held small exhibitions here and there.  

 Why the Spanish here and there you ask?  Well I was born here in Australia in fact I am fifth generation Australian my forefathers were two brothers of the Clan MCLEOD, from the Isle of Skye who came out as settlers, to start a new life in Australia - one of the brothers had a wife who followed him out later with a young family.

My father passed away at 42 years old, a rural accident involving a tractor, back in the early sixties.  He was the forth generation in a family of Sheep Graziers in this district that we now live in.

My mother was English and upon my fathers death - my mother packed my brother - 2 years old - and I - 3 years old - and off we went .... we grew up and went to school in Peru, Chile and Argentina in South America and we also lived in Mallorca, an island of Spain.  We did not return to Australia until I was twelve years old.  Hence the Spanish, I still speak it fluently? ...... perhaps it takes a little to locate the files now days though!
And El Ranchero? well he has had a love of Spanish horses, the Andalusian, since a young man - he has always worked with cattle on his family property and then once he was married he inherited part of the family property and went on with the cattle, the horses and raising a young family .... then about ten years ago after a marriage breakdown, he had a "Sunshine Change" - which means he left the Western Districts of Victoria and came up here to "Sunny" Queensland ......... and here we are!  Yes he does speak Spanish, but just enough to get the girls smiling, he spent some time in the States as a young man ...... he is a "Larikin", a practical joker who delights in telling "Yarns" and the "taller" the better ..... with a zest for life.